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  1. mỵ cũng không cần.. nhưng hình như mọi ng request số lượng lớn, đến 1 lúc nó ko ra đúng thông tin cần nữa thì phải bạn à :v
  2. Requirements Interest in Software Development Interest in Python programming Mac or PC Description Python is the best language to learn when you are beginning with software development There are loads of Python resources online to choose from, but this is the only course that takes you from a complete beginner in software development, teaches you the fundamentals, advanced topics, and makes you an expert in this field. In addition, you have practice exercises and challenges to work on. I didn't just add a bunch of exercises at the end. Instead, each concept is put in code and practiced so that we make sure you apply and learn everything through action. I've spent years building software in Python, and years again teaching people how to build code for themselves. You can start off your journey with this free course and learn the basics of Python programming. No need to pay for expensive courses or get extensive training. First get started and see if Python is for you. In this course we cover a range of basic topics that every beginner needs to know. If you follow this course all the way through and you want more information, a lot more is available for you to learn and develop your skills. So let's sign up and get started with Python today. Who this course is for: Complete beginner developers Link :
  3. Requirements There is no requirement, everyone is allowed. Description Are you interested in machine learning? Then, this course is right for you! This course is designed by two professional data scientists so that we can share our knowledge and help you easily learn complex theories, algorithms and coding libraries. Take you step by step into the world of machine learning. In each tutorial, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of the challenging but lucrative part of data science. This course is fun and exciting, but at the same time, we learned more about machine learning. In my course, you will immediately notice how I combined my real-life experience and academic background in physics and mathematics to provide a step-by-step professional education in data science. Information on big data about Australia’s leading universities and industry events. Artificial Intelligence for Beginners and Experts-Learn to write self-improving artificial intelligence codes for various purposes. In fact, we code together with you. Each tutorial starts with a blank page, and we write the code from scratch. And accurately understand the combination of codes and the meaning of each line. Code templates-In addition, you will get downloadable Python code templates for any AI created in this course. This makes creating a truly unique AI as easy as changing a few lines of code. If you let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless. Intuition textbooks-most courses bomb you with solid theories and help you. We believe that not only do we need to have an in-depth understanding of what we are doing, and we will not perform complex mathematical calculations on you, but we focus on To develop your AI coding intuition to achieve unparalleled better results in the future. Who this course is for: Anyone is interested in getting a glimpse of what Machine Learning is. Anyone is interested in getting a glimpse of what Data Science is. Anyone is interested in getting a glimpse of what Python is. Link :
  4. Requirements Free Software has to be installed. ( This is covered in the course) Description Python is a dynamic modern object -oriented programming language and can be used to do a lot of things both big and small. Python is what is referred to as a high level language. That means it is a language that is closer to humans than computer.It is also known as a general purpose programming language due to it's flexibility. Python is an interpreted language that does not need to be complied like for example java programming language. It is interpreted and run on the fly the same time. Python has been used in a lot of places like in creating games, for statistical data and visualization,speech and face recognition. Some of the biggest websites on this planet earth use python in one way or another. Examples include: Google Youtube Facebook Nasa Disney Pixar Reddit Pinterest Instagram Spotify Survey Monkey Yahoo Maps Topics covered include: Interacting with Python in various ways Python Operators Python Data Types Data type casting Python String Methods and Formatting Python Data Structures Python Functions Python DocStrings Python Decorators Python Control Flow Statements Python Modules and Packages Working with external files in Python Working with dates and times Working with calendars Handling exception errors Version control system with Git and Github Web scrapping with Python Python and Machine Learning Web development with Django Creating a database driven application Python Object Oriented Programming Projects we will create: Create a web based todo app and deploy to cloud Database CRUD app with SQL Server and Python MP3 Player Lottery Number Simulator Loan calulator Create a basic calculator Create a digital clock Create a number guessing game Create a random number generator Create a countdown timer Create a lottery number simulator Who this course is for: Beginners to Python Link :
  5. Requirements None, this course will cover the basics of C++ to the advanced and useful libraries like STL, BOOST, OpenMP and MPI! Description The 'Scientific Programming with C++' is easiest and the most innovative and complete hands-on practical C++ course on the Udemy Platform for learning scientific and research data programming! While languages like Python and R are increasingly popular for Scientific Programming or Data sciences, C/ C++ can be a stronger choice for efficient and effective data and scientific computing. In this course, we hands-on the latest C++17 for Scientific Programming. The focus of this course lies on learning beginner to advanced programming on high-performance computers, object-oriented software design, generic or template-based programming, and the efficient implementation of numerical algorithms. C++ is the best choice for efficient and effective programming in Research Data mining & Scientific Computing. In this course, we will hands-on the latest C++17 for Scientific Programming. Learn from the basics of C++ to the advanced and useful libraries like STL, BOOST, OpenMP and MPI! Main learning goals in this awesome course can be formulated as: COURSE FEATURES Get a basic concepts on the programming with C++. Learn how to program with modern C++, using generic programming and advanced techniques, like meta programming, expression templates, and concepts. Learn how to use programming tools and you can apply these tools to debug, benchmark, and manage your code. The list of tools include compilers, build systems, version control, debuggers, and profilers. Learn to read, understand, and utilize (scientific) software libraries, like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines), LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), STL (Standard template library), Boost (portable C++ library). Learn how to code in HPC, using OpenMP and MPI. There are numerous hands-on to practice the C++ programming throughout the course. Happy coding! The focus of this course lies on aspects of software development like programming on high-performance computers, object-oriented software design, generic (template-based) programming, and the efficient implementation of numerical algorithms. Additionally experience in analysis, application and extension of software and software libraries is developed. Three main learning goals can be formulated: You know how to program with modern C++, using generic programming and advanced techniques, like meta programming, expression templates, and concepts. You know how to use programming tools and you can apply these tools to debug, benchmark, and manage your code. The list of tools include compilers, build systems, version control, debuggers, and profilers. You can read, understand, and utilize (scientific) software libraries, like BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines), LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), STL (Standard template library), Dune (framework for the discretization of partial differential equations), MTL4 (Matrix Template Library), Boost (portable C++ library). There will be interactive exercises to practice the C++. programming. LIVE CLASS SERIES Based on your earlier feedback, we are introducing a Zoom live class lecture series on this course through which we will explain different aspects of the C++17. Live classes will be delivered through the Scientific Programming School, which is an interactive and advanced e-learning platform for learning scientific coding. INTERACTIVE PLAYGROUNDS Students purchasing this course will receive free access to the interactive version (with Scientific code playgrounds) of this course from the Scientific Programming School (SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMING IO). Instructions to join are given in the bonus content section. Q&A Please use the Q&A feature on Udemy to ask questions! We'd love to talk about why regular expressions don't seem to be working, discussing decisions we made about course content, and debating regular expression philosophy. There’s no risk involved in taking this Course! This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you Enroll for this Course, you get lifetime access to this course and you will get all the future updates. you also get a Certification of Completion once you complete the course. REQUIREMENTS You will need a grasp of basic C++. It is a self-learning course with all Linux environments provided. WHY YOU SHOULD GET THIS COURSE? Understand programming C++ basics to the advanced C++ 17 Knowledge on developing complex C++ scientific applications Learn about C++ libraries STL, BOOST, MPI, OpenMP Be in a position to apply for Developer jobs, PhD and research positions requiring good C++ Who this course is for: Developers, Analysts, Research positions requiring good C++ Link :
  6. Requirements An internet connection is necessary No Web Design or coding knowledge is necessary Having Google Chrome installed will be necessary Description learn how to build professional responsive websites. which look good on mobiles, tablets and desktop screens. We will build these sites together... a simple but elegant portfolio. Facebook clone. A responsive Landing page for any company Also you'll get free bootstrap themes worth 400$ We cover everything you need to build your first website. From creating your first page through to uploading your website to the internet. We'll upload the websites that we made on Github and learn how to start freelancing and earn money. We'll upload our website to the webserver at 000hostingwebsite so that0 your website can be accessed directly from the 'world wide web'. You will... Learn how to work with responsive images and icons. and stunning full screen background images and probably one too many gradients. Learn how to create forms and to choose great fonts for your website. We will learn the latest Bootstrap 5 Learn how to work with Bootstrap 5 to easily add carousels, cards and complex looking menus. Setup a domain name with hosting so that your website is live on the internet for others to see. By the end of this course you’ll have a great understanding of important web design topics like HTML5, CSS3, Flex box, Responsive design and Bootstrap. If that all sounds a little too fancy - don’t worry, this course is aimed at people new to web design and who have never coded before. We’ll start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step. Who this course is for: Beginner website developers Beginner web developers Front end developers Beginner who wants to learn HTML, CSS and Bootstrap beginners who wants to learn how to make responsive websites students who wants to learn bootstrap Learn the latest bootstrap 5 framework web developers who wants to learn about bootstrap Link
  7. Requirements Having MacOS, Windows or Linux operating system. Willingness to explore the concepts for Developing Games. No previous programming experience needed. Description Learn Python by developing fun games from scratch. This course is for everyone who has desire to learn Python. The game complexity increases with every section and you will be able to rise your knowledge throughout the course. You will develop amazing games and you will see how Python works moving things on screen and objects interaction. You will also create and import pictures used in the games and get familiar with creating randomly movable enemies, animating the game characters and playing music and sounds while playing the game. You will use Python and Eclipse to create games with progressively increased difficulty. By the on of this course you will be able to fully design operational game including creation of objects and positioning of custom pictures and other components on the gameplay. This course covers the following Python topics: Animating game objects Implementing loops and classes Using Pygame package to simplify game development Animating game text using custom fonts Development of menu screens and buttons Taking input from the mouse/touch/keyboard Randomizing game events Resizing game objects The course includes two introductory sections. This means regardless on your experience with this products you can first learn the basics and then continue to develop the actual games. You will be able to join a game development community ready to help you every step along your game development career. Who this course is for: Beginner Python developers. Beginner Game developers Students with little programming experience. Employees in programming companies Computer Science students Experienced programmers who wish to learn game development libraries such as libGDX Link :
  8. oh yeah.. thank you.. so easy ... .. finally we have calculator if-none-match- :v ..let me update c# function .. here is code c# (using func creatmd5 in topic #1) string Param = "itemid=5672688695&shopid=53339108"; string Param_Md5 = CreateMD5(Item_Param).ToLower(); string text_Hash = "55b03"+Param_Md5+"55b03"; string if_none_match_ = CreateMD5(text_Hash).ToLower(); //func CreateMD5 is in topic #1
  9. Đây nhé bạn @Olala code lấy item info bằng php ( code php nên mỵ up qua bên đó ) test . bạn thay itemid với shopid vào nhé :) .
  10. híc ..mỵ dị ứng php =.='' khai báo rất dài và khó nhớ ...đợi mỵ nhớ lại đã... mỵ ít sờ đến php
  11. bạn copy bị sai data post chứ sao ... nếu bạn copy đúng mà vẫn không được thì cho mỵ teamview xem thử .. mỵ ko có modem để bắt rq
  12. Kia là header không phải parram đâu mà bạn add như thế nhé . Còn code request với cookie bạn tìm hiểu thêm ở bài của ad hướng dẫn rồi á. Code full đây : CookieDictionary Cucki = new CookieDictionary(); string Fb_Cookie = ""; foreach (var item in Fb_Cookie.Split(';')) { var temp2 = item.Trim().Split('='); if (temp2.Count() > 1) { Cucki.Add(temp2[0], temp2[1]); } } HttpRequest request = new HttpRequest() { UserAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:78.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/78.0", Cookies = Cucki }; string html = request.Get("https://mbasic.facebook.com").ToString(); bạn chụp data post mỵ xem
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